31 January 2011

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "The result is a victory"

Barça B coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, greatly appreciates the tie against Celta achieved by the "great sacrifice" by his players to "a rival to a very high level."
"He's been through the Mini the best team so far along," said Luis Enrique, the coach of Barça B, after his team managed a draw against Celta Vigo (1-1) . He added: "The Celtic is one of the rivals aimed mainly at up to First." For all these reasons, the technician Spaniard admitted: "For us, the result is like a victory."

"We have not carried the burden of the party"

On Barca B play against Galicia, Luis Enrique analyzed: "Although the party has been facing since the beginning [the 1-0], we have borne the brunt of the party. We've thrown a little behind, Celta has tightened and has created many occasions. And we've tried to change during the game, during the second half, but it has cost us. "

"We've grown"

In this regard, Luis Enrique drew a positive conclusion: "Today we have grown because we have suffered," since, as Barca coach subsidiary, Celta, who had "numerous occasions" deserved "to win the game." It is for this reason the Spaniard explained that, after a game so intense against "an opponent of a very high level", was "especially pleased for the players" who got "a prize [a point] after a great sacrifice ".

Much room for improvement ahead

Still, the coach of Barça B is aware that the team has to "improve a lot if you really want to end up in the category in the posts above [now seventh, after the triumph of Granada in the field of Betis, the leader, by 3 to 0]. " And Luis Enrique pointed as the first objective "to retrieve the ball in the attacking, pressing up and not let the opponent quit playing."

Rochina continuity

One of the names of the press conference after the Celtic game was the Barca striker Ruben Rocha. Barça B coach confirmed: "It is valuing its people an offer that is very interesting [the Blackburn English]." In this regard, Luis Enrique revealed: "I have told him that I would like to continue, is projecting a player, the club has offered a two-year renovation, but he has very clear he wants to leave." And the Spaniard summed up: "If the clubs reach an agreement, he will leave and if not agree, will be helping us until June."

Rafinha performance

Asked by Rafa Alcantara action 'Rafinha' with the subsidiary Barca, Luis Enrique stated: "He's a player, young sophomore, who is able to go out and play a fake field '9 ', a position that is not yours, and create a hazard simply because of their arguments, with an attitude on a personal level of growth and improvement only. And in the words of technical Spaniard, Rafa Alcantara is "a different player, a wonder." (via FCBarcelona.cat)