16 April 2011

El clásico focussed interest in entrepreneurial quoted Mas

Artur Mas wanted to take the pulse of the economy at a time when the great duels Barca-Real Madrid are planning in all areas.

Barca could not miss the appointment that the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, held with 180 managers of companies and brands in Catalunya. Through its president, Sandro Rosell, and Vice President Javier Faus, Barca was a participant in the debate which examined the state of the economy and contributed to some of the demands of the business world to revive the market. ESADE Business School hosted a meeting with economic accent.

However, at the end of the meeting, several well known Catalan entrepreneurs confessed that informal meetings during the brief breakfast, the dispute over the four Barca-Real Madrid scheduled for the coming weeks also captured the interest of attendees. And is that Sandro Rosell, Javier Faus were questioned on several occasions to inquire about the status of staff and their own feelings before tackling the final installment in the League Cup and Champions League.

On this occasion, and taking into account the recent precedents, Sandro Rosell not participate in our little 'club' business. Another businessman linked to the soccer world, for Jaume Roures, stood aside as a matter of professional ethics.

By the way, and to avoid frictions and distortions in the official discourse of the meeting, members of the press office of the Government requested that the media challenged attendees to avoid Artur Mas and the other speakers on the details related to the Barca- Real Madrid in the coming days. (via SPORT)