26 July 2011

[Barça B] Carlos Hugo, the strategist who captivated Eusebio

To their 37 years it already takes 18 in the stools; the leonés will contribute novel concepts to the filial blaugrana

Barca has built one of the greatest talents of the new batch of coaches. Eusebio Sacristán wanted to tell the subsidiary that had been his assistant at Celtic and he was impressed by the thoroughness of their methods. Carlos Hugo Garcia-Bayon, a lion 37, applied technology in the world of football is completely devoted to study new ways of working and your computer has processed many plays strategy can be very useful.

Carlos Hugo began at age 19 in the CD Ejido, a team of Leon, and also advanced on another computer in your city dedicated to training such as the Puente Castro. Trained its Juvenile Division of Honour, which left its mark for its training systems. The manager Carlos Filipe remembered as "pre-game players to put images to analyze the strategy. Last season he scored 17 goals from set pieces. " That figure represents about 40 percent of the goals to put together a modest eighth in competing as equals with the youth of Depor, Celtic or Sporting. His interest led him to improve on last winter's permission to study at Chelsea in London. His desire to learn is constant, although his style is defined. "Do not let the patadón play. Had to be the last resort. Also changed a lot of tactics. He was very demanding, even winning, if he had not done what he wanted, he got angry, "said Filipe.

During his time as coach of Castilla-Leon was Juan Carlos Rodríguez, the former side of the Dream Team, a collaborator and was struck by "how he liked the training plan. Software created as a tool. His dedication to football is full and there is also the character of Leon have to pull forward. " The former Blaugrana emphasizes that "if I ever coached, I would have him at her side. And not just because he's my countryman ... It's very prepared, has a degree in physical education and dominates much of the technology. "

Onesimus Sanchez is another coach who knows him well from his time in Huesca. He had the second and helped the team climb to the second division A. Onesimus notes that "what Carlos has not been able to live as a professional player makes up for with utmost dedication, study and knowledge of football. It is an excellent complement to Eusebio and Barbara, who have known more about the elite. " Huesca not forget as "the ascent phase two goals from set pieces decisive. It was a side that took care of and he likes a lot. "

Peiró Andrés was the one who allowed him to be the head coach of the Gymnastics Segovia, Third Division when he was manager, and points out that "always wanted to give an exquisite ball, a game combined. The team paid the psychological strain to go far in the Cup and losing to Sevilla after eliminating top class teams such as Cartagena, Burgos and the University of Oviedo. " Peiro could not avoid the loss because "the directors had no patience when we were in the lead group, but it deserves and will have more opportunities." (via SPORT)