26 July 2011

[Former player] Barca leave without its share of the transfer of Giovani

The subdirector general sport hispalense, Monchi, denied contacts, but the Mexican will dress of rojiblanco the next five seasons

Giovani dos Santos signed for Sevilla for the next five seasons on 2 August. Although yesterday the deputy general sports club Seville, Monchi said he had not spoken with the player or his club, Tottenham, the fact is that the agreement with Mexico is complete and just need to finish polishing the fringes operation with Tottenham.

The reason for this secrecy is that the English club not to formalize the sale until after August 1 when it expires a clause that Barcelona would take ten percent of the operation. About 600,000 euros, considering that the Spurs have you priced Mexican striker six million. That is one of the negotiating points that have been put on the table and also promote the Seville, which would significantly lowered the amount of the transfer. One trick that will leave the ship without an extra income.

Negotiations are practically closed since announced Tottenham Giovani accept only go to Sevilla, dismissing the possibility of calling at Udinese, who was paid by the six million to play tile. The English club will forfeit some of that money, since the supply of Seville is about four 'kilos ¿. In return, Tottenham paid the money in full, without having to take that ten percent to Barcelona.

Capel Farewell
Monchi denied contacts with Giovani and Tottenham during the farewell ceremony of Diego Capel, a transfer to the deputy general manager said it had hurt sport in the soul. Capel, meanwhile, was very grateful to Sevilla: "It has given me the chance to win titles, that is what all players want, and has been an honor to defend his jersey. Now I begin a new stage and try to take it, always with Sevilla in my heart. " The striker said he has set a goal "to win titles and return to the team." (via SPORT)