26 July 2011

To point a face to face with decisive Wenger

Arsenal returns tomorrow of Colony and Cesc it will force to the maximum so that the taenicide accepts sale

The signing of Cesc Fabregas has entered a week will be crucial to know whether the player will finally become a new member of the Barcelona first team. The trip Friday's sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and football director Raul Sanllehí served to lay the groundwork for a bid that is seen as final. The club awaits a response from Arsenal and Cesc should come back into play to put pressure on Arsene Wenger in order to emphasize that the only solution is a move to Barcelona, ​​so the coach must accept the new proposal Barcelona.

Arsenal are doing these days, a stage in Cologne after having played a friendly on Saturday before the home side and ended in victory 'GUNN (1-2). The expedition will remain in Germany until Wednesday, so all indications are that the meeting between Cesc and Wenger will take place on Thursday in London Colney facilities. Remember that the player has not traveled with the team and is in training in the British capital alone.

Barca start Fabregas is confident that the final compromise of the coach to sell, and thereafter begin to iron out the fringes of an offer, whose total amount would rise to 37 million euros. The player is ready to hold a final battle with Wenger and will leave very clear, if in doubt, do not want to play more for Arsenal and if the Frenchman castling will have a serious problem in the locker room. (via SPORT)