20 July 2011

Guardiola requests patience to Cesc

FC Barcelona's coach would have called to ask Arsenal midfielder pending the outcome of peace negotiations between the two clubs.

As reported on Wednesday the radio station 'RAC1', the coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola, Cesc would have called yesterday to reassure the player and ask a little patience at this stage of negotiation.

Moreover, according to the medium itself Arsenal midfielder is concerned that the operation is getting longer too and the player does not want to wait until August 31. (via SPORT)

A different preseason

Circumstances have made this year, Pep Guardiola and the first team have a different course start. Last year only 10 players started the job. On Monday there were 17 players who started the preseason.

Failure to play the World Championship or the coaching staff makes Barca have been able to work under better conditions than a year ago. Then, only 10 players - three who were assigned - the field work began on July 19, 2010.

This made ​​the friendly matches were reduced to three-to Valerenga of Norway and two in the Asian Tour - Super preparing against Sevilla. In the first game Guardiola decided Pinto, Milito, Bojan Maxwell. The other players were on vacation. In two games of the tour in China and joined Abidal, Messi, Adriano and Ibrahimovic, and the first official match in Seville, the only novelty was the contest of Keita from Mali.

Addition, the 10 first team players, three left the Barca. Hleb was loaned to Birmingham in the Premier and AC Milan Ibrahimovic, while Victor Sanchez went to Getafe. To work with minimum conditions the first team had 18 players in squad for both coaches and preseason games.

It was not until August 12 that the international the Spanish team went back to Barca as well, with the added handicap of playing a friendly game in Mexico without having even trained with his fellow squad. Eight Barça players did not play until the return of the Super Cup in Camp Nou against Sevilla.

This year everything is different. Guardiola can work from day one with three-quarters of the workforce. There are only about joining the five players who have participated in the Copa America, which will arrive at the latest, on 8 August. Good news, then, for al''staff 'Barca coach. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol trains alone

One of the novelties at training on Wednesday was the presence of Carles Puyol on pitch number 2. The captain, who trained alone, has started running.

Josep Guardiola had already stated in the press conference on Tuesday that Puyol was going "like a bullet" after his left knee injury. FC Barcelona’s captain trained alone, on Wednesday morning, where he began to do some running on pitch 2 of the training ground, accompanied by a recovery coach.

It’s worth remembering that on June 1, just seven weeks ago, Carles Puyol was operated on to sort out the problems with his left knee. These problems meant that Puyol hardly played at all from February. After the operation, the diagnostic was that he would be out for 2 or 3 months.

In total, last season, Puyol played 27 games (17 in the League, 8 in the Champions League, and 2 in the Cup), his last three in the Champions League against Real Madrid and the last few minutes of the final at Wembley, games in which he sacrificed himself for the benefit of the team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi: "We’re the team to beat"

Xavi considers it an advantage having been able to rest during the summer and to have time to prepare well for the new season. The midfielder feels that team motivation is intact and that Barça is the team to beat.

Xavi is the first player to meet the media at a press conference this season. Xavi explained that he is fit and why he’s started doing some specific work: "I have a little discomfort in the heel and last year I suffered with my achilles tendon, so it’s better for me to work away from the main group" he said. The player said he hoped to join up with his teammates very soon.

With regard to the team’s ambition he said that they would try to win the maximum number of titles possible, and explained that the Super Cup would be the first one to fight for, but that, throughout the season, there will be "more important trophies" than this.

Regarding his statements at his summer campus a week ago, Xavi said that he was only thinking of the best for Barça and Cesc: "I'm sorry, my intention was not to offend either Wenger or Arsenal," he explained.

Xavi is pleased with the coming of age of Fontàs and Thiago, players he considers ready for the first team. Regarding the large number of midfield players, he is of the opinion that "the more players there are that can play in midfield the better. We are all compatible".
(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Combined session with Barça B

Until 14 players of Barça B this Wednesday they have been added in the morning to the dynamics of trainings of the first team.

On Wednesday, the Sports City and the training has been presented almost twice the players Tuesday afternoon . The reason is that they have added to the sessions of the 14 first team players from Barça B available, and Jonathan dos Santos, who was already working with the men of Guardiola.

By way of welcome, Josep Guardiola has welcomed one by one all members of Barça B. Of the first team players, Pinto has the most warmly greeted the players B, hugging everyone.

Therefore, have exercised 14 first team players and 15 more than B, which have been these : Miño, Masip, Oier, Dalmau, Balliu, Armando, Rosell, Carmona, Riverola, Gustavo, Dos Santos, Soriano, Saul, Cuenca and Lobato. Remember that Eusebio Sacristan, who was also present at the meeting, has five players who are injured and eight commitments of selections. That is, is not half staff.

As in these early days of training, Xavi has continued to work individually scheduled. Moreover, one of the novelties was Puyol, who has begun a career in field 2 of the Sports City. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Jonathan dos Santos, to a step of signing

Mexican midfielder Jonathan dos Santos, one of the top priorities to strengthen the team, is now just one step of signing for Real Zaragoza for the next four seasons by about one million euros, although Barcelona have a choice of repurchase.

The signing in property of Jonathan two Santos, one of the priorities of Real Zaragoza, is already a step of being summed up, after a long negotiation with Barcelona and with the environment of the fútbolista for around a million euros. The Aragon club has well controlled the young Mexican international by Javier Aguirre's own powerful and especially the Portuguese representative Jorge Mendes, with Agapito Iglesias has set in recent months a strong relationship, and now it only remains to complete their deal with Barcelona .

The negotiations with the club, which will have an option to buy one of the pearls of his quarry, march on the right track and football is bespoken for four years, so in Zaragoza is a very remarkable degree of optimism about the ultimate success of the operation.

A Jonathan dos Santos, 21, and a Spanish passport, he is only one season left on his contract with Barcelona, ​​who refuses to yield, as was the primary intention of Zaragoza, but want to sell it and intend to become also a repurchase option if a player ends up exploding. This issue is not going to be big problems Aragonese club, as has happened with Juan Carlos Madrid, which has paid 2.5 million and Real can recover by 3.5.

A month ago, Antonio Prieto went to Barcelona to close the fi Chajes Edu Oriol and Abraham Mining and used the visit to meet at the Camp Nou offi ces with Andoni Zubizarreta, Barca sports director, and formally request the transfer of Gabriel Milito and make a formal offer of purchase by Jonathan dos Santos.

The operation has been slowly brewing in the final hours and has been very considerable progress dadoun. Right now the Zaragoza is with serious chances of getting an agreement that will allow Aguirre have a dream of his reinforcements.

Aguirre became international
Jonathan dos Santos, known lately for intervening in a scandal with prostitutes at a concentration of the Mexican national team, was one of the three specific requests that Javier Aguirre Agapito Iglesias him when they sat down to negotiate its renewal. The Basque midfielder is well aware of the young and the one who opened the doors of the Aztec team, but then exclude him from the final list of the 'Tricolor' World Cup South Africa 2010. Jonathan now aspires to be reunited with Aguirre in La Romareda, in addition to his countrymen Barrera and Juarez. (via AS)

[Barça B] Zaragoza closes the signing of Jonathan Dos Santos

Real Zaragoza last night reached a definitive agreement with Barcelona for Jonathan dos Santos. The club Aragon, who has 'tied' to Mexico for four years, will pay one million euros for the transfer, while the club have an option to buy 2.5. million.

Real Zaragoza last night reached a definitive agreement with Barcelona for the transfer of Mexican midfielder Jonathan dos Santos for one million euros, ahead of quantity and AS on Thursday, along with other details of the operation. The player, meanwhile, is conveniently tied for the next four, while the club have an option to buy valid for the first two years amounting to 2.5 million euros.

Although the player's father, Zizinho, it remains in Mexico to ensure that Jonathan has a one year contract with Barcelona and his son has not signed with Real Zaragoza, AS is able to ensure that the player is fully tied Aragon and the club have already been drawn up contracts for the last and final approval by the legal services of Real Zaragoza and FC Barcelona.

The signing of Jonathan dos Santos, 21, began to develop one and a half ago, when the athletic director Antonio Prieto went to the offices of Camp Nou to ask Andoni Zubizarreta, Barca's sporting director, the assignment of Gabi Milito and make an official offer by the Mexican midfielder.

Since then, negotiations have been long and complex, involving powerful direct and intermediary agent, Jorge Mendes, with Agapito Iglesias is now in a strong relationship. Mendes, representative of Jonathan dos Santos, has been instrumental in the agreement and its investment fund to help finance part of the deal, as did Madrid's Juan Carlos. (via AS)

Xavi received the award for "player in form"

The values ​​it represents Barcelona's Xavi Hernandez as effort and improvement have been key when the group DiR you have chosen as the 'player in form' of the 2010/11 season.

"This award would have been impossible without the team," praised the squad. "It is true that occasionally prevails individual action, but they are moments. From Barca work the values ​​of solidarity, altruism and commitment, and this is reflected in the field. Let's all one, "said the midfielder.

While Xavi acknowledges that it is sometimes difficult because each one has its character, "we always think of the team and this is the key to success," he said. Barca, who received the award from Ramon Canela, CEO and founding partner of DiR Group, explained the secret of his fitness. "I care a lot, you already have an age! Training, rest, care, food ... We now expect the whole ship is in shape and achieve new successes. "

Cinnamon highlighted why Terrassa has been chosen to receive this award. "We considered that this is one of the best years of your sporting life." And according to the CEO, Xavi is a gem. "We've delivered a gem. The definition in the dictionary fits you: it is an object that is given in recognition of service and, on the other hand, a person with great value. And this is your case. "

In previous years, other Barca were awarded this distinction awarded for twelve years as Piqué, Ronaldinho, Valdés, Iniesta, Overmars, Deco and Puyol and Eto'o Or with two each. The 2009/10 season was special because it gave an award ex aequo Messi and all staff. (via SPORT)

There will be trip lightning of Alexis Sánchez

The 'Niño Maravilla' is in Santiago with the tickets ready to fly to El Prat

Alexis Sanchez is one of those "three parties have worked hard" to which he referred to yesterday Zubizarreta. The obsession by the Chilean left in the club has been key. Even the best cards that offered other clubs, like Manchester City have made him change his mind. Now already have plane tickets in hand to travel to Barcelona.

So determined was personally told Alexis Udinese that "only" go there or continue playing in the Italian club, who risked running out of the best business of his life.

'The Third', half Chilean, published yesterday, even before the Chile-Venezuela Copa America, the 'Niño Maravilla' had decided to give a press conference at the Park Hyatt Mendoza to make public his desire, but elimination by the 'burgundy' cast away with the idea. Even suggests that in Chile even in the tournament, Alexis came into her head one time by a trip to Europe to convince Pozzo, owners Udinese. (via MD)

Barça hopes to sign Alexis today or tomorrow

The club azulgrana hopes to close everything and with Udinese and announce the first signing of the 2011-12 season

Barca hopes to officially announce the signing of Alexis Sanchez today. With the caution that should be transmitted in a negotiated transaction with many nuances, it was significant that Andoni Zubizarreta said yesterday before all the assembled press in the Ciutat Esportiva that "the signing of Alexis is at an end." Given that Barca sporting director has an aversion to air the details of his work, it is this almost obsessive caution in all their actions which gives special value to his words. Zubizarreta never go that far if you do not feel that this time negotiations are indeed in the 'photo finish'.

Mundo Deportivo as advanced in its Monday edition, on Wednesday appeared to be the new 'reference date' in the operation. Gino Pozzo, son and right hand Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo, Barcelona will be in production after days of reflection on the busy Formentera. This newspaper also has reported the development of a negotiation that just ten days ago was virtually closed. Then differences arose normally not very appealing in a shed where it moves so much money. For about a million euros would not be sufficient reason for so many days left in 'standby' treatment. But it has. This time period was therefore more a strategic move than anything else. Thus, Barcelona and Udinese are evident to themselves and to their fans who have fought for every dollar until the end, in a message-laden future for parallel negotiations, as yesterday was also clear in the references of own Zubizarreta and even Pep Guardiola to the Operation Cesc Fabregas' temporizing always references to the Arsenal do not think that is going to run into the generous Barca always, since the multi-billion purchase of Marc Overmars and Emmanuel Petit unofficially put the first stone of Emirates.

The forward, priority

And also means more Guardiola's comment to a reporter's question of 'The Independent': "Who is the highest priority, the midfielder or the forward?". And the coach did not hesitate: "Forward." A message that will undoubtedly make you happy Alexis Sanchez, who should not worry at all and yes Cesc Fabregas a little closer to Arsenal. Large bases of imminent agreement with Udinese essentially have not moved the talk so far and this conclusion can only be beneficial for the Operation Cesc '. Barca move vigorously to avoid paying over the odds

Alexis, the forward that defends

Apart from their overflow and quickly convinced the recovery effort of Alexis, the hallmark of this Barca

One of the virtues most liked Barca in the long play observation of Alexis Sanchez has done throughout this season is their status as defending forward. During these three years of titles has become clear that Pep Guardiola doing so over talent and solidarity. And that inertia will fit perfectly Alexis Sanchez. Need time to take him to the automatic air, on the understanding and collective movements of a team that plays by heart, but from day to rival the Chilean bite in the few short time that the club does not have the ball.

After Chile's first victory in the Copa America, his team-mate, defender Albert Acevedo, welcomed the support received from the 'Wonder Boy', that however 'Maravilla' it do not forget to help defense their peers. "Recover an incredible amount of balls," said admired the champion of 'U'.

That detail was one of those who yesterday described Guardiola following questions in the Chilean press, which starts by getting noticed in Barcelona. Barca coach gave a brief but accurate overview of the virtues of Alexis. "It's a very young player who can act on all three attack positions, great pressure defense, is upright and good guy, so I have told me." That "good guy" also scored. And one of those who have "counted" Guardiola is Marcelo Bielsa, former Chile coach and now coach of Athletic Bilbao. Guardiola Bielsa met on a trip to Argentina, when it was formed as a coach and Rosario had with a long talk soccer. "I think Alexis and Barca mix very well," said sensibly 'El Loco' in his presentation at the club Biscay.

The progression of Alexis also encouraged his move to Barca. Born in Tocopilla within a very modest family arrived in their teens to the Chilean First Division. His brazenness with the ball at his feet, the Dodge Power and the breakneck speed quickly convinced the family to buy the rights Pozzo two million euros. But before arriving at Udinese grew up in Colo Colo, in River Plate aa liked his hobby more than his coach and, finally, in his second season in Serie A, 22, has exploded. The next challenge will be to play well in the perfect conductor. (via MD)

John Carlin: "Barça has never been so admired"

"With this new Champions League, the perception of the grandeur of Barcelona Messi goes beyond"
"A Pep it humanized the press conference of 'fucking love you' was the push he needed his team"

John Carlin, author of 'The Human Factor', the work of Nelson Mandela who later became the movie 'Invictus', believes that the tense 201-11 season marked yet more distance between Barcelona and Madrid, not only in terms to sports also with regard to the image. While shape just a book about Rafa Nadal, MD analyzed for the current international scenario of a sport that has a passion: football.

What feeling awake Barca, champions of Europe again, internationally?

Speaking of Barcelona with Michael Robinson told me a phrase I've done both of mine use: "It is more difficult to achieve the admiration of the world to win the Champions League." It seems a perfect summary of what it conveys a team like Barca. Other teams won the European Cup, but did not generate as much admiration. The biggest compliment you can give a team is that everyone give up this form of play, to create illusion ...

It was a very tense and troubled season with Real Madrid ...

Real Madrid would soon backfire, tried everything on and off the field for foul Barca, but in the end the only evidence is that the club never has been so admired around the world and the image of Madrid can not say there improved.

¿Mourinho has played clean?

Mourinho has come to the conclusion that the only way to win at Barca was the one used in the four classics in a row. And I think that is a tribute that is doing to Barca because they play as small teams, with very good players. And admit it at the bottom shows tactical intelligence because they may put eight defenses is the most appropriate way of trying to stop the club. He tried to stand up and play and lost 5-0 at the Nou Camp. So corrected. Ferguson also wanted to play and so it went. At the end you have to respect you forget to make your own game, which focuses on counter its rivals to find a windfall in a backlash led by a quality player. It even runs, even one out of ten times, as happened in the Cup

Does the end justify the means?

It's a mistake to think that Mourinho has it all calculated, it is heated, but it is true that his remarks sought to limit the damage of red and yellow cards because he knew that Madrid would play to the limit. It has a logical pressure on referees because when you're defending, they become failures.

But with its messages has convinced people?

From an English point of view, Mourinho had always been sympathetic in the English media, he has seen more humor, it has been tolerated more than in Spain. But the 'why mourinhano' will go down in legend exceeded the acceptable limit even in England. The image has become more negative. Has lost credibility.

With the wrong answer Guardiola at the press conference? Do you put your height?

The press conference of 'fucking love you' Guardiola went relatively unnoticed outside of Spain. I think it was good, he humanized. Until that day had been an excess of caution and control the emotions of rage. Pep does represent the ambassador of football that Mourinho is not, but that day he skipped diplomacy and I think it was a push his team needed.

¿Caló outside Spain Madrid Theatre complaint at the club?

The theater of some Barcelona players did not go down very well, created some discomfort, was an overreaction, but it was such a brilliant season at Barca was a final anecdote. That mistake does not define the club. And in Madrid, however, if we define the excess Mou.

Is there unanimity on the No. 1 Messi in world football?

At the beginning of last season people thought there would be a legitimate debate between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. People would ask who was the best. But now the debate no longer exists, at most only in the mind of a Madrid. There has been an evolution in thinking. Now no doubt that Messi is arguably the best individual ycolectivo.

Is it unfair to sum it up in Leo?

Yes, because few players have the international recognition of Xavi and Iniesta. And there are other players who are increasingly admired as the tandem Pique-Puyol. A year ago it seemed that the defense was a potential weakness of the club, now no one believes that there are problems behind. With this new perception of Champions Barca's greatness goes beyond Messi. The goal by Villa at Wembley, the quality of Pedro ...

Arsenal tightens the rope for Cesc

Its president described as "unacceptable" the offer from Barca and Barca club is already preparing a new proposal for Cesc.

So much for the words of Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta like for the way in the one that the events are developing, it seems that the arrival of Cesc Fàbregas to FC Barcelona will still demand a supplementary effort and he will take a long time more than what was foreseen. The coach and sports coach acknowledged that there is no rush and August 31 to try to sign the midfielder. Meanwhile, the Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood, yesterday described through the British newspaper 'Daily Star' as "unacceptable" the Catalan club's last offer. Faced with this panorama, the club is already preparing a new proposal that can bring something more to what the British intend to receive from the sale of its captain.

Hill-Wood said in that paper that "made an offer of 26 million pounds (about 30 million euros), but that was ages ago. We have said repeatedly that what they are proposing is unacceptable and yet have bothered to change it, "he said. As for what the FC Barcelona thought to have later said "I'm not sure they want to do. There are stories in the press, but have not told us," he said. The leader admitted that Arsenal would like to keep Cesc in the team this upcoming season, but was also realistic. "At the moment our position is very clear: we do not want to lose it. Obviously, if they come with an offer that is very good, we should think about it," he said. The truth is that the leaders of the British company would like the case was resolved before the August 1, as the Premier League starts before the BBVA and want to know how effective they can count. Barca, meanwhile, has less of a hurry but also would like to resolve the negotiation as soon as possible. To that end, the entity Barca is preparing a second offer to be nearer to those 40 million euros in first content themselves to Arsenal. For this, the FC Barcelona club continue putting on the table € 29 million its first offer fixed and they added another 5 variables. Furthermore, it would value to 6 rights training and Bellerín Toral, who signed for the English. Remains to be seen whether this last point is pleasing to the Arsenal, which showed his displeasure when his day was included in the first proposal.

Still no train

Meanwhile, the player still does not train with the rest of his teammates. Since the club continue to justify these repeated absences in the preparatory sessions in the muscle problems that dragged on since last season. Although Arsene Wenger wanted the midfielder be moved to Cologne this Saturday to compete in a friendly yesterday doubted that the player is.

Bolton is already here to convince Jeffren

The range of 5 to 6 million euros for the player meets FC Barcelona.

Representatives from Bolton Wanderers are in Barcelona in order to convince Jeffren who joined the English ahead of next season. The British bank for some time is very interested in the player and sent an offer to Barca would be between five and six million euros. Not surprisingly, the proposal is agreeable to the presidents of Barcelona, ​​which originally had set a target for the striker to get some 3 million euros. The amount offered by Bolton and now doubles that intent need to be the player who's approval of the transfer.

Since the entity Barca long ago did you know that there was no limbo with him going into this next season and Andoni Zubizarreta himself has said repeatedly that he was talking to his agent to find the best solution for footballer. Barca looks at Bolton a good chance to get money that you would be well ahead of their investments. (via MD)

Bojan will be from Rome

If the chapter of the signings can be accelerated, at least in the case of Alexis, so the outputs can receive a new impetus.

Barca also hopes to reach definitive Bojan Krkic output so that the player can continue his career in Rome. If so far the resolution of her case had slowed down depending on what happened to Alexis Sanchez, now the imminent arrival of Chilean striker to the Nou Camp has released the squad.

With Barca back to training and training in solo Bojan Bellpuig, the current situation does not benefit any party, let alone considering that Josep Guardiola plans season without him and Barcelona and Rome came to a agreement for days.

After discussions between Walter Sabatini, Italian sporting director and the technical secretary and vice president of Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep Maria Bartomeu laid the groundwork for the transfer with an option to buy the first two seasons. Barca would receive between ten and twelve million euros and the player signed a total of five seasons.

Rome and began his pre-season preparation and Luis Enrique, who starts a new project, the sooner you have the entire staff. Hence the boat business, aware of the problem, pledged to give a final resolution to the issue this week when they started Sabatini commitment that from now unblock a move that has stretched excessively.

Pending a call
While waiting for the call of those responsible for the Roma and Barca or attorney Ramon Sostres confirming that you can travel to Rome, Bojan Krkic is working alone in Bellpuig with the help of a trainer. Striker Luis Enrique wants to run in the best possible given that Rome is already working. (via SPORT)

[Bojan, pending a call to go to Rome]
Since the club has already been reported that the imminent signing of Alexis

While the signing of Alexis Sanchez resolved, Bojan Krikc continues to train alone in Bellpuig with permission of the club. Linyola striker is waiting for a call by Barca sports officials to be made official once and for all his transfer to Rome Luis Enrique.

Player and was told at the time that did not come as a booster to the front in this case, Alexis, his departure would not be official. Bojan has the promise of leadership that will keep you informed of what happens. Since the club already has been told to be ready for the arrival of Alexis Barca is imminent. FC Barcelona Krkic charged on 12 million euros.

José Angel is already in Rome

Bojan soon match in Rome with José Ángel. The Italian club said on its website yesterday the signing of left side of Sporting, who was about to sign for Barça. José Ángel receive 1.25 million euros for each of the five-year contract for which he affixed his signature. Roma will pay the Sporting 4.5 million, two now, two in July 2012 and half a million more if you play five games in Serie A. For weeks, the club offered two million and two other variables.

In England assume the imminent arrival of Bartomeu

Negotiations for the transfer of Cesc Barca could intensify this week with the arrival of representatives Barca to London.

Negotiations for the transfer of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona could intensify in the coming hours.

At least that's the impression that there is in England, where it is assumed the arrival of a vice president of FC Barcelona to London is imminent. Late yesterday the feeling that there is Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice president, could land in the English capital today to meet with Arsenal and start laying out an agreement that is taking longer than expected.

Bartomeu already had a first contact with the chief executive of the Gunners, Ivan Gazidis, last June. Then the bids were very close, and that Barcelona was adamant on the idea of ​​not paying more than 35 kilos, while the English club a transfer did not arise under 40 million euros.

In addition, the Barcelona includes the operation and Hector Bellerín John Toral, the two cadets who play in the reserves' gunner is this course and the club rate at six kilos. Guardiola and Zubizarreta yesterday stressed that the priority is a striker and the club in no hurry to close the signing of Catalan, as has until Aug. 31 to close any deal. The arrival of Josep Maria Bartomeu to the English capital, however, could speed up an operation that is immortalized more than expected. (via SPORT)

[Copa América semi-finals] Uruguay rival already waits in the final

PERU 0 - URUGUAY, 2. Two goals from Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, certified to advance to the final of the Copa America Uruguay Joint.

Uruguay was ranked finalist in the Copa America, beating after twelve years in La Plata to Peru by 0-2 thanks to a compact group work and the opportunism of Luis Suarez, author of a doublet at minutes 53 and 57.

Oscar Tabarez's team took a fair win in a party that balanced the Peruvian temples, great dignity and two players from another category: Paolo Guerrero and Juan Vargas, who was expelled at 67 by an elbow Sebastian Coates.

Blanquirroja celestial, two very similar teams tactically played a first time physical and very intense, but a few lights and small flight football.

More prepared to anticipate and quickly get out of backlash to carry the weight of the game, alternated by gusts in the government party.
Uruguay was the usual: lots of rough defensive midfielder two attentive to the rival movements, two for out ready to surprise, and Diego Forlan and Suarez and out of the play.

The Peruvian team was a team wrestler, with a line of flyers ready to battle with a huge Juan Vargas, now decidedly tip and paddling almost a duel with Diego Lugano to accompany Guerrero.

Those in the 'Master' Tabarez rarely found to get clarity and fluency. Its lighter twice forced two plays were unable to resolve with accuracy and Suarez (M.7) and Alvaro Pereira (m.15).

Roamed Peru least the goal of Fernando Muslera but Guerrero and Luis were about Advincula, who failed to touch the ball, to take returns on a great play on the left side of the road when Vargas played 24 minutes.

The match had looked for an extension, but it appeared a goal that will definitely open. And he arrived 53 minutes after a poor start from the bottom of Peru. Forlan took the gift, finished from 25 yards, gave Raúl Fernández Suárez rebound and turned it into 0-1.

Four minutes later Atletico Madrid combined with Alvaro Pereira, who placed a precise pass from left to sprawl Fernandez Suarez and signed the 0-2 with the empty net.

The rigor that the Bolivian Raul Orozco did not, as it should, with Lugano and 64 minutes if exhibited with Vargas at 67 by an elbow Sebastian Coates, a decision that virtually ruled the lawsuit.

Those in the 'Wizard' Markarian, and William Carlos Lobaton and Chiroque on the court, jumped on the goal of Muslera very manhood and deserved a more tight, especially the gladiator Warrior and the already absent John Vargas.

It was for Uruguay, which reached the final of the Copa America since 1999.

[Technical Data]
0. Perú: Fernández; Carmona, Acasiete, Rodríguez, Vílchez; Advíncula (m.60, Lobatón), Balbín (m.89, Ballón), Cruzado, Yotún (m.54, Chiroque); Vargas y Guerrero.

2. Uruguay: Muslera, Maximiliano Pereira, Lugano, Coates, Cáceres; González, Arévalo Ríos, Gargano (m.69, Eguren), Álvaro Pereira; Forlán y Suárez (m.69, Hernández).

Goals: 0-1, m.53: Suarez. 0-2, m.57: Suarez.

Referee: Raul Orozco (Bolivia), who drove Vargas (m.67), and admonished Suarez, Gargano, Yotún, Balbin and Lugano

Incidents: America's Cup Semifinal football played in the stadium only city of La Plata before some 25,000 spectators.

Today he can announce himself the signing of Alexis

Pina yesterday put the ball into the roof of the boat: "If the club wants to resolve the fringes, will Alexis, safe"

Alexis Sanchez's future as a player blaugrana can be defined in any time after Barca and Udinese have been placed for a final meeting in which the section is put to an agreement that is dilating the differences when setting varying amounts and how effective the club does.

In the last pulse to close the transfer, both sides seem to be waiting to win the final play. The outlines of the agreement are only accepted by each other and are around 27 million euros in fixed and 11 million other variables. And it is those variables that have prevented the final agreement so far.

That does not mean that there is no desire to close the deal by Udinese, but on the contrary, his intention is to squeeze the most out of operation. This was explained yesterday Quique Pina, chairman of Granada and representative of the Pozzo family in Spain, Ona FM `¿. "Missing the last fringes and if Barca will want to solve Alexis, sure, because we are not attending to other clubs." Udinese has bowed to the will of the player who asked them to turn a deaf ear to the offers that came from the Premier League, especially with Manchester City and Chelsea have been forced to remain outside the struggle, while Barça Udinese maintain contact even though they put on the table a quantity far above what you can afford the club. Was also ruled out the inclusion of Jeffren Suarez as part of the operation to the player's preference to play in the League or the Premier.

For his part, Baca has always been open to dialogue but paying an amount that meets what he considers a logical market price. And Udinese has also asked that would allow some flexibility to pay the signing.

From there lasted meetings and telephone conversations to agree that last week seemed final until both sides began to interpret the payment and the happy formula variables. "There is always a contract basis and then there are numbers on the detail to be paid if either club," admitted Pina. Therefore, to put an end to a summer soap opera is very easy and very complicated time. This is the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Italian bank manager, Gino Pozzo, meet and give its approval to the new wording of those points on which the contract had not been able to agree so far.

Meanwhile, the player is still at home waiting for both clubs limen their differences to complete the last turn of his contract issues that are pending. Your representative Fernando Felicevich is in Europe and keeps you informed of developments regarding its future. His intention is to travel this week to seal the new agreement and presented finally as a new player in the club.

Slope from your vacation in Chile
Confirmation by Josep Guardiola that Alexis is the club's priority signing to reinforce the squad ahead of the season caused a huge impact among the Chilean media, which quickly echoed the words of the Blaugrana coach.
As usual, the words of the technician came to the player and his environment that welcomed the show of support. Once you have completed their participation in the Copa America, Alexis is on vacation while Udinese already preparing next season and this week played against Olympique Marseille and Girondins two friendlies in France.
Alexis hasten their holidays in Santiago de Chile awaiting you communicate that you can travel to Barcelona. Meanwhile, the Chilean was more hang in the knowledge that has the confidence to be their new coach for the coming seasons. (via SPORT)

Puyol is still training with Brau

Barca captain hopes to cut the time and join the group work in 15 days.

Carles Puyol particular continues its countdown to the routine group. Barca captain these days are trained in the company of Juanjo Brau, who is helping the defense in the final stages of recovery. In particular, `Puyi do you trust to cut time and join the group work in 15 days.

These days it has already been seen running and doing fitness work over many months without stepping on a field. "Evolution is very favorable. It is very well and are being met on schedule, but has a lot of fitness work, Ricard Pruna said Monday. The goal it has set is to be available for the Super Cup, a competition that this course will have greater impact by the presence of Barcelona and Madrid. Puyol, already lost the final at Wembley against ManU, he wants to be this time of the game.

To accomplish this work is being done in the morning and afternoon with medical services. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Last visit to the stadium of the children of FCB-Campus

Yesterday was the last visit of the FCB-SPORT Campus to the facilities of FC Barcelona and feel for the little ones are still the same that lived at the time the children of the first shift.

And the young participants might feel players first team for a day, given the expectation that caused the presence of the 150 participants with tourists at that time to queue for the 'tour why the Camp Nou .

Foreigners did not hesitate when taking photos of children, for the exquisite order and training young players wore divided into three shifts of 50 children each group for safety and order when making the journey. Small became an attraction of the visit, which drew the attention of the visitors were delighted with the presence of kids.

Once inside, small walk enjoyed by all blaugrana areas like locker rooms, the tunnel, the chapel, the mixed zone, zone press, the bench of the Nou Camp, etc. although many of them had ever been watching in the stadium watching a game.

But the chance to see the bowels of the stadium with the new friends they've met on campus made them much more enjoyable from the pleasant experience that it sure will not forget in your life. (via SPORT)

Pep and Eusebio join in training

The two former teammates of the Dream Team return to work side by side in the coming days.

Barça B returns to training today after enjoying a day of rest around the stage Navata. The novelty is that men Eusebio Sacristan be integrated to work with the first team players to the many casualties with injuries and the various international commitments. This manea, Guardiola and Eusebio join forces, as they did years ago when they shared a dressing room at the time of `Dream Team ¿.

Eusebio only have 13 outfield players, plus three goalkeepers, and it would have been very difficult to complete sessions of quality as it can not resort to juvenile A. Those of Oscar Garcia have vacation until August 1 after finishing the season on June 26 to dispute the final of the Copa del Rey. The 13 field players are the newcomer Cristian Lobato, the Basin and Marti fished Riverola Isaac, as well Dalmau, Gustavo, Balliu, Rosell, Jonathan Soriano, Saul, Ilie, Armando, Jonathan dos Santos (who has trained the last two days with the first team) and Carmona. The latter could not participate in the last friendly against Navata by some discomfort.

Internationals who are absent are the World Cup Under 20 Bartra, Oriol Romeu, Tello, Planas, Sergi Roberto and Kiko Femenía. Neither will be available to the sub 19 and Gerard Deulofeu Sergi Gómez, now begin their participation in the European category in Romania to Belgium (18.00 pm). They must be added the injured Muniesa, Montoya, Espinosa and Rafinha.

The first team and the reserves will remain united throughout the week until the start of the tour on Tuesday. Guardiola assess these days young people and could to call several of them for Saturday's friendly in Croatia as well as for moving to Germany and the United States. (via SPORT)

Barca, working with a GPS meter

Barcelona adds a new technological tool to improve athletic performance of staff.

New technologies are increasingly present in elite sport. FC Barcelona is no exception and each season adds new tools to improve athletic performance. The goal is to work with more data, more and more individualized, to manage the peaks so okay with the schedule of competitions what can also prevent injuries each year affect template. Busquets and Pique yesterday debuted a GPS meter, known as SPI Pro X.

In the coming days is expected that other players of the staff also use it in order to gather maximum information on the physical state of the Barca players and their responses to the demands of the preseason, a key period for the team to have a good tone for the rest of the course. For now, the idea of ​​coaches is to make a report with the results of these days to make comparisons with the information collected within four months, the team heavily involved in all competitions. And is that the SPI Pro X offers the ability to provide objective information to athletes in real-time performance while training. Another useful application is the ability to recreate situations in practice matches and learn, the physical response time data. In this sense, it is also very useful ability to track the athlete's effort during training. In addition to the information provided by this meter GPS can manage the duration of a session to reach the desired objectives. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Edu Oriol: "In the wardrobe of Zaragoza there are nice people and transparent"

The player Edu Oriol, one of the new additions from Real Zaragoza for the 2011-12 season, stressed today that there is a good atmosphere in the dressing room the whole Aragonese noting that the people are "transparent and pestles"

"It's an honor and a pleasure to get to a locker room with such people. That makes a big difference. I have the luck that I've been the last two years in a subsidiary where the people are younger and more many jokes, so , you find it easier to enter than more mature people. I've met really nice people who is helping me at all, "said the Catalan player.

Edu Oriol says he has not talked much with the technical team, Javier Aguirre, but commented that a man is "very transparent and is well above the players," what it considers to be welcomed.

The player born in Cambrils (Tarragona) try to have an important role in the team from Aragon, as mentioned, always trying to help his companions: "If end play try my best to bring it and if it is side to defend the position."

New signing Zaragocista has highlighted the commitment to young people who are doing the club hand in this regard has stated that new players supplement eager and looking forward to the experience of other veterans, but has also acknowledged that's always good to have on your side with experience in the category.

The midfielder has said that all new players of the staff are aware the last two years he has spent with Real Zaragoza. "We are the first step on first year. We arrived with all the enthusiasm in the world to a historic club like Zaragoza and come with the conviction that we will do the right thing and help best to make this club is where it should be, "he added.

Oriol is aware that it is always harder to stay that leap and, therefore, have to work very hard to continue many years in the First Division.

"And if it is the best because Zaragoza is the team that has given me this opportunity," he said. The former player of Barcelona B claims to know the interests of all Aragonese sign that was his teammate Jonathan Dos Santos. "If you contract would be a great signing. It is a great player, with a projection, a great person and bring a lot, "he added.

Zaragoza midfielder set has indicated that when the news of interest in acquiring the player spoke with told Mexican that his move could be and were trying to achieve it, but that had nothing clear yet. (via SPORT)

Ferguson: "Barça is a team out there and live a great cycle"

Recognizes that Barça is at a very good sport
Guardiola summons to the final in Munich to restore their defeat in the last two finals of the Champions that played

The coach of Manchester United , Sir Alex Ferguson has had words of praise and recognition for the work of FC Barcelona .

The Scot has been recognized in relation to the Catalan club's sporting results that " FC Barcelona is the team of the moment and live a great cycle. "

However do not throw in the towel and says "no thought, 'Let's forget about Europe because we will never win." The Manchester United is bigger than that, we have a better philosophy. The challenge is to improve to be in the next final and win it. "

Thinking about the next Champions League final to be played at the stadium Allianz Arena in Munich , Ferguson says that "the objective being the next May in Munich . Then, if the rival is the boat we will see how we can overcome. "

In relation to the new keeper of the 'Red Devils' new coach has stated that "the only parcel on which we must be patient is the goal. De Gea only 20 years. has played in Spain , but not in ' Premiership and need time to mate, although its potential is huge, absolutely incredible. " (via MD)

[Former player] Zambrotta: "It will be very difficult to win the Champions League with this Barça"

The Italian fullback spared no praise for his exequipo which he considered "the strongest set of the last twenty years".

The exazulgrana Gianluca Zambrotta found Tuesday in a news conference that his current team, AC Milan will win the Champions League complex next season, athletic potential exhibited by the club.

"It will be hard to beat. Barça is still the strongest team in recent seasons and the best football practice in the last twenty years," said the side.

Zambrotta said his desire is to conquer Europe and repeat the Italian Scudetto title, but admitted that the Champions League will be complicated by the potential squad.

The Milan side spared no praise for the Barça Barca and even called as "an exceptional feature from all points of view."

Messi came out in defense of
Zambrotta also used his appearance before the media to support his former teammate Leo Messi after criticism in Argentina during the Copa America. "I think Argentina are playing Barca different about. Barcelona played with a scheme that favors while in Argentina is a bit different," he said.
The Italian side also played down the significance of Argentina and Brazil deletions noting that other 'big' have gone through similar moments, recalling the disappointment of Italy in the World Cup and European Championship in Holland and Belgium in 2000. "We used to have exceptional or disappointing seasons, but this is football," he said. (via SPORT)

Henrique accuses Guardiola of not having played in Barça

The Brazilian central Henrique took his first hours in the Palmeiras to send a 'message' to Pep Guardiola, coach of a ship that has not officially debutt.

Henrique spoke to the portal futnet.com.br shortly after being presented with Palmeiras, a club that has already played and that is his third release since the club was done with his services in 2008. The center has only played one friendly and Gamper's shirt and sees Barca coach Pep Guardiola is responsible for that has not been able to demonstrate their quality in the Barça.

"When I got him (Guardiola) also arrived. Everyone has a thought and I have to respect. But he preferred to improvise or do things like use Mascherano in the defense and had problems that I spoke I do not know if they are true "said Henrique when analyzing why Santpedor has not had it in three years at the club.

According to the center, that did not play any official match with the Barca shirt was "an internal problem where I was in the middle. For me it was a tough time of change, something difficult. While that I can not speak, I'm not sad about it. "

In any event, admitted futnet.com.br Henrique perhaps should not leave Palmeiras in 2008. "It was time to leave Barca at the time, but I do not regret anything," he said.

Henrique has had three assignments since joining FC Barcelona. First, at Bayer Leverkusen, then to Racing Santander and now, Palmeiras. (via SPORT)

Cesc also trained with Arsenal

Arenys midfielder remains steadfast in its plant and not trained on Tuesday along with fellow.

Wenger is determined not to budge with Cesc, but the truth is that the player does not think of anything else other than playing at the club next season, something the other hand, is nothing new. This Tuesday Arsenal London Colney trained in preparation for the friendly played in Cologne against the team that runs Ståle Solbakken, former coach of FC Copenhagen. Although Wenger Cesc had to the preparatory session, the midfielder also came to train with their peers it seems unlikely journey to German city to play the friendly. (via SPORT)

Gino Pozzo: "The agreement for Alexis is total"

The son of the owner of Udinese confirmed the deal between Barca and Udinese and announced that the official confirmation will take several days as the club wants to bring together three parties: representatives of both clubs and the player.

Gino Pozzo landed at El Prat airport in the early hours of Wednesday at 00.45 pm, according to RAC 1. The owner's son arrived from Udinese calm and relaxed and had no hesitation in confirming that the agreement between clubs by Alexis is "total."

The signing is only at the expense of the club to resolve some little formality and close the contract with the three parties involved. Something you should wait several days as Felicevich, representative of Alexis, is in Italy on Wednesday closed a transfer to another of their constituents with Juventus and Pozzo himself may not be present on Thursday.

'll Match the format of a fixed payment with variables and, except for last-minute surprise, there will be players on the transfer. (via SPORT)

Guardiola will receive the Gold Medal of the Parliament on September 8

As announced by the president of the chamber, Núria de Gispert, Josep Guardiola will receive the Gold Medal of the Catalan parliament. The survey will be held on September 8, part of the events of National Day.

The president of the chamber Núria de Gispert was announced Tuesday at noon, once gained the support of the majority of the Board of the Catalan Parliament . Thus, Josep Guardiola will receive the highest distinction of the Parlament , in a ceremony to be held on September 8.

Guardiola receive this gold medal , according to the Bureau of Parliament, "because of his career as a sportsman, for sporting success achieved in his time as coach and the projection of a cultured Catalunya, civic and open , which has managed to make a very noticeable way. " It also highlights the Parlament de Guardiola "exemplary transmitting values ​​such as sportsmanship, teamwork, effort and improvement, not only very positive values ​​from an individual standpoint, but also for collective progress."

This distinction, which comes from the year 20 00, is awarded to personalities who deserve personal recognition. Josep Guardiola will join, then to other awards like the Rev. Desmond Tutu , the Jesuit Batllori Miquel , economist Ernest Lluch , the UN representative in Afghanistan Francesc Vendrell , the musician Jordi Savall , the president of the Down Syndrome Foundation Montserrat Trueta , Nobel laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel , the collective Jutges Setze Els and illustrator Roser Capdevila. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Riverola and Cuenca, "more seasoned and experienced" after being transferred

Isaac Cuenca and Martí Riverola have returned to Barca B "more seasoned and experienced" in their assignments to Sabadell and Vitesse. The two players have stood out in the first preseason games with promising performances.

Cristian Femenía Lobato and Kiko are now, the two signings for the season Barça B 2011/12, but also the rise of eight young Eusebio Sacristan also has two new faces ready to make a site. These two players Marti Riverola and Isaac Cuenca, two genuine products of the quarry who returned to Barca after performing subsidiary transferred in recent months and Sabadell Vitesse respectively.

They are quite similar cases, Cuenca in Sabadell and Riverola in Vitesse two surrenders that have facilitated has lived that they return to the filial azulgrana more facts and with a baggage that he can help them to triumph. Riverola speaks of stay in Vitesse, where he started as "a step forward in my career" that can have "positive effects for these months in the Netherlands have given me much experience." An experience can be very positive, "since a year ago did not have this background and experience that allow me to be more seasoned." If he joined Vitesse Riverola in the second round of the Dutch league, Isaac Cuenca acted throughout the last season in the Segunda B in Sabadell, where he won promotion category and "learned a lot, I gained experience in complex fields and fellow veterans who have taught me much, I am a seasoned player, "concluded the midfielder Reus.

Marti Riverola and Isaac Cuenca have excelled in the first two preseason games. Riverola has scored 3 goals, while Cuenca and add two. E n debut against the scale were both owners and Riverola opened his tally with a great header to center Planas. The neighborhood of Barcelona Sarrià stood inside right and also collaborated in organizing the game reached the penalty area often. Cuenca started the match left end and drew constant diagonals. Electric with dribbles and accurate passes into space, Cuenca launch took all the corners. In the second half, Reus played inside left and was very involved on the defensive and quite inspired when developing the game and deliver accurate passes to attackers. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

A team with solid base

Messi, Valdés, Pinto, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Pique, Keita, Milito, Alves, Abidal and Bojan are the 14 players of the initial Guardiola still keep the team, three years after his arrival.

Guardiola came three years ago in the Barca bench with great enthusiasm and desire to create your own project, a strong team capable of playing good football. Four seasons later, there are several players who have gone through the house Barca, but there are still more than he started, and continuing. Specifically, 14 players.

With Leo Messi has reached the highest perfection scoring. The world's best player is a real goal machine, all with style and always helped by a great team. His coolness and ability to focus on moments of maximum tension, makes it even more admired. In the three previous years scored 51, 53 and 55 goals respectively and has been recognized with the last two Golden Balls

Some golden porters If of stopping balls it is, Valdés is the great teacher of the team. Champions three plays late starts, three wins, Valdes is a clear philosophy of gradually and good lyrics. Always evolving to better, few goals to resist it. And if not, Pinto is one of the pillars of the locker room. Pinto came on loan from Celta Vigo in 2008, bought the club and has already made ​​it clear that a goalkeeper with guarantees.

Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta are three of the captains of the club. Versatile, fast and tireless, capable of despair to any rival, appearing where they are needed most. Examples are Iniesta goal he scored at Stamford Bridge, or headed goal by Puyol in the mythical 2-6 against Real Madrid. Xavi is player with most games played wearing a Barca shirt. On January 2, 2011 equaled Migueli, which until then was the greatest exponent. Considered as the brain of Barca, Guardiola current equipment can not be understood without it.

And if you go for Barca is based can not be put better examples Busquets and Pedro. Both started the 2008/09 season with the tab have been consolidated subsidiary and two of the team's most indispensable players. Thiago Alcantara and Andreu Fontàs have the two of them a reference to follow.

Pique, Keita, Milito, Abidal and Alves are the five players of the initial draft that have achieved Guardiola exploit their talent and earn the respect and the admiration of the Catalans, and off the pitch. Abidal's case is a clear example of tenacity in adversity. The reward, Wembley and lift the Champions League quarter, human gesture that says a lot of equipment. And he hopes his situation will be resolved in the Club, Bojan is the fourteenth Survivor Guardiola era began. These 14 players have been and are key in this club, which for many is the best ever. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Begin placing the new Camp Nou turf

Tuesday has begun placing the new turf at the stadium Barcelona. 472 rolls of 18m ² of grass make up the carpet from Thursday and will cover the whole field. Working together planimetry and the next step.

The process of changing the Camp Nou turf moves into the home stretch. After removal, the subfloor preparation and the stabilization of the ground, on Tuesday have begun the task of placing the new green carpet. Trucks loaded with grass from Bordeaux began to arrive in Barcelona last night and will continue gradually until Wednesday.

This Tuesday at noon has been placed first in the 472 loaves return to the stadium grass green. The process will take three days during which 8,500 m² of turf placed divided into sections of 18 m² (15 mx 1.20 each).

Once placed the entire lawn will start the preparatory work and consolidation of the land. With restrike, puncture overseeding and will seek to obtain the proper density and flatness for good circulation of the ball always following the maxim of no risk to players. Not until the days before the first game at the stadium, remember the 17th of August to around the Supercopa of Spain, who placed the goals and paint the field lines. (via FCBarcelona.cat)